Monday, February 20, 2006

We're Off and Running!

The Great Creek House Renovation Adventure has officially commenced!! We have embarked upon a mission to turn our most perfect 800 sq. foot house into an even more perfect, although slightly bigger house. It started at Christmas, when Matt gave Laura a "starter set" of tools and a promise to be very patient. It continued with many dark winter nights contemplating sketches and peering into Laura's foam board house models. Exactly how complicated could we make this project?!

The Creek House, April 2005

. . .
The Creek. . . Running under our house!

Well today, the first big step occurred as the tree crew came and cleared the way for the addition. The addition is going to be constructed off the back of the house, so the views seen here won't change too drastically. The trees that were removed all came from behind the house. We thought we were going to have to remove the big hemlock growing out of our deck, because it is infested with the woolly adelgid, but our tree guy thinks he can save it!

Wow that's a big crane, imagine bringing that thing down the driveway.

Matt tried to talk the tree guy into letting him go up on the crane, he wanted to be like Mel!

The top and middle of a Hemlock being lowered onto our driveway.

They were being flown right over our house...


mel said...

Where to begin. Sorry I never got to ride on a crane to take a tree down. Second you could have saved the wood, Hemlock is good firewood

Anonymous said...

Am curious about the brand and color name of your metal roof is? I have a cedar-sided house and am trying to decide between Met Fab's Forest Green or Hemlock Green.

Your roof appears to be a lighter green than often seen, and I really love it, as well as the rest of your home!