Monday, June 12, 2006


The weekend after Memorial Day we packed up everything in the house and moved it into a storage unit, set up camp in the guest bedroom and got ready for demolition. This weekend we were able to gut our bedroom and the living room/kitchen. We even got one of our new kitchen walls reframed.

Our former bedroom torn to pieces... I love blown insulation:)

And Matty loves brick

Indy making a dumpster run. I must find him a tool-belt. Don't be fooled by any of the other pictures. Indy is the one who is really building our house, we just couldn't put him on the permit application as the General Contractor.

The new framing on the right is for the kitchen. Three new windows to look out at the creek and the hemlock.

These two pictures are what our house looked like this morning when we went to work...


Muffin Head said...

Indy Rocks!

mel said...

Does this muffin head actually know the "real" Indy??????

muffin head said...

My question is does "this Mel" know the "real" Amelia bedelia???????????