Wednesday, December 13, 2006


We have made two decisions that we are very happy with (well, that's not all of them, just the ones pertinent to this post).

  • First, we decided a long time ago that we wanted to insulate the house with icynene ( Several of the houses that Matt has built have used this and he has been very impressed with it. It seals the house up to, insulates exceptionally well, and acts as a noise/vapor barrier. Based on our research, Matt's previous experience, and the recommendations of others who have this in their house, we felt it was worth the extra money. But, I've got to say, it was A LOT of extra money - so if you are in the market for insulation, brace yourself and look around. We received quotes from all of the installers* in the area, and their bids differed by more than $4000 for our 1400 sq. ft. home.
* If you are in NC/SC, I highly recommend Glenco Foam Division out of Greenville SC. Larry and his guys did a fantastic job!!!

  • Second, we hired out the drywall. I have read enough DIY blogs to realize that absolutely no one on the planet enjoys hanging or finishing drywall. I have also learned that if you undertake this project you will be doing it forever, with no light at the end of the tunnel. With this in mind, Matt started keeping a look out on his job sites for drywallers who would be interested in side work. This enabled us to hire a couple of guys relatively inexpensively.

    So, this is what it looks like right now, but by next week it will be completely drywalled and ready for the finisher!!!

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Margaret said...

Should be written in stone: "Hire out all drywall" Each of us lost yet another disc [respectively] over our last job! Rock on!