Friday, April 27, 2007

Final push, round 1

This is the big weekend. The final push before our appraisal. The house is far from done, but we are trying to wrap up as much as possible by Tuesday. It feels kind of like cramming for exams, only more exhausting and nerve wracking. The whole house building process would be so much more pleasant without the financial part...

If you ever wondered what a years worth of Roth IRA contributions would like if you converted it to wood, here you go. All of the cherry for the interior trim.So this weekend, all of those boards will be making their way to the windows, doors (and hopefullybaseboard areas).

And after that we have just few (!?!) more things on the list. But hey, at least some of them are scratched off!


Anonymous said...

when i look at these pix i get exhausted and i haven't gotten out of my desk chair! carry on maniacs!

Anonymous said...

I was glad to see my taste in the log cabin was the same as alot of other peoples. You and your crew are doing a great job. I know it's lots of hard work. But, in the end it will be a great looking log cabin. Thanks you all for letting me be apart of the process, if only in a small way.