Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Master bath tile and kitchen hardware

Well, we finally tiered of opening our cabinets and drawers by their sides and decided to put forth a more serious effort to find hardware for the kitchen. We had hoped that we would find something unique and befitting to our kitchen. We looked high and low, scoured the Internet and all local sources. We thought several times we had found what we were looking for (in one case, a beautiful hand cast branch, which unfortunately sold for $750.00 A PIECE!!!). So what did we end up with? The exact same pulls from Lowe's that we had in the old kitchen. Go figure.

We have also been working on finishing the master bath tile in anticipation of the plumber coming this weekend. Everything is set, including the suspended granite seat, and we are in the process of grouting and sealing (and I must shamefully admit, in this one instance when I use the term "we", I really mean Matt 100%). This project has taken so much longer than anyone anticipated. Slate is beautiful, but tricky. Plus, we decided (I have no idea why), to use slate on the ceiling of the shower as well, so there was the added stress of is the tile or isn't the tile going to crash down and cleave me in the skull. But somehow, Matt eventually got them to all stick in place long enough for the thin set to set up.
It is hard to tell from these pictures, but the shower has a really cool cave like feel. Sort of like standing under a waterfall rock outcrop.

Hopefully, we will have at least part of a functioning bathroom in another week or two!!!


Mary said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I just knew you'd choose slate for the bathroom - it's exactly what I want to re-tile our tub surround and bathroom floor with in our log cabin! And your description is perfect! That's what a shower should feel like - standing under a waterfall against a rock face. Thanks for sharing!

Kathy said...

Impressive bathroom, Laura! I love those tiles. I am also in the middle of renovating some of the rooms here in the house including the bathrooms. I just moved in a couple of weeks ago in Sarasota. Tile stores here are close by so it's very convenient for me.

Well, I'm hoping to get quality Sarasota flooring for our living room. I've seen your other posts and your house looks amazing. Any tips for me? Gladly appreciate it, Laura.