Thursday, July 13, 2006

That's one way to do it...

How to Build a House - Belanger style

  1. Dig holes and remove any large boulders by hand, utilizing basic lever systems.
  2. Remind self that entire civilizations were built before excavators.
  3. Haul 80 bags of concrete in buckets for piers.
  4. Cross fingers while crane guy wields steal beams over house and into place without a line of sight.
  5. Weld steel to existing I-beams and proudly announce that you have a foundation.
  6. Frame additions.
  7. Pack up house and move everything into snazzy onsite portable storage unit.
  8. Move into guest bedroom and commence to demolishing part of the house.
  9. Move into large tent on the deck.
  10. Plumb outdoor shower and then wave at neighbors while shampooing hair.
  11. Be thankful that it is summer when all the leaves are out and neighbors can’t really see.
  12. Worry about showering this fall when it gets cold and the leaves fall off.
  13. Demolish rest of house.
  14. Advertise in local paper for free roof trusses and give the roof away.
  15. Round up everyone you know 4th of July weekend to re-frame roof.
  16. Sheath main roof with plywood and tar paper.
  17. Take a break – go on safari
    (no really, we are going to AFRICA this weekend for a two week safari)
  18. Secretly worry than upon returning from exotic and luxurious safari with swanky tents and premier outdoor showers “for adventurous types” current situation at creek house might not seem so cool.

    Yep, Matt and I are putting our tools away and going on safari in southern Africa for two weeks! The timing, we admit, is a bit odd, but when my family offered us an opportunity to take this trip with them, it took less than a nano-second to accept. Once we return, we’ll be more determined than ever and ready to tackle our house with even more enthusiasm than before. If we get a chance, we’ll post some photos next week from our trip:)

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mel said...

Belanger home building (the real way)
1. Get beer
2. get wood
3. take nap
4. wake up next day and get more beer
5. listen to Jack Johnson CD and take 2nd nap