Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What I love about this project

What I love about this project:

  • Our friends and family. It really has been amazing. Every weekend folks just drop by to work. We never really know who is coming or for how long, but people just seem to keep coming by to work. This past weekend, when the rest of the country was grilling out hotdogs and shooting off firecrackers, we had nine different people come by to help us out! It has kind of been like one long drawn out barn-raising. We couldn’t have done half of what has been accomplished so far without all of the help. Now if I can just keep enough food and cold beer around to keep them coming back!
  • Watching Matty work (and working for Matty). There is something extremely cool about seeing someone you love in their element.
  • Discovering once again how well Matty and I work together. Especially with all of the dire warnings and predictions you receive all kinds of people, including the checkout girl at the grocery. A marriage can not only survive, but thrive while living in a tent, working two full time jobs and remodeling/rebuilding a house (due in a large part to the aforementioned friends and family helping out!)
  • Giving the roof away. As I have mentioned in previous posts, there is something a little crazy with ripping down a perfectly good house. So when it came time to take off the roof, we advertised it as free to anyone willing to come work a weekend to help take it off. We had two local guys come over one Sat., and now our old roof it on its way to becoming a new workshop and shed for a camper trailer. A far better deal than wasting away at the landfill.

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