Tuesday, January 30, 2007

reclaimed heart pine engineered flooring

I must say, we are pleased as punch at the way the new floor looks. The picture above was taken in the master bedroom. In case you missed it a few posts back, we decided to switch from hardwood to reclaimed heart pine engineered flooring, as it is better suited to radiant heat. And this weekend we put down half of it. Yes, only half. I know it may seem like we should have been able to put it all down this weekend, I mean after all the house is only 1400 sq. ft. But you have no idea. We had to lay the floor around this:
The radiant pex tubing. The tubing that will soon hold water, and therefore should not have any holes accidentally poked into it with a floor stapler. Because if it did get a hole in it, we would not know until it was filled up, and then we would have to pull the floor up to find and fix the leak. The brand new floor that we just spent all of our money on, that looks so pretty, that I love. So it was a slow, methodical, nerve-wrecking process. One that we will hopefully only have to endure one more time to get the living room/kitchen finished, and then never again. Ever, ever, ever.


roofpics said...

I love it. I have it in my kitchen. A high traffic area. I have two girls and a wife and they all wear high heels. And two dogs with claws.
I wish I had gone with solid reclaimed pine, but I have a concrete slab laid by the previous owner.
So now I love the grooved, textured look. I call it character. :]

Poppy said...

wow...it's beautiful! I'm definitely going to keep this in mind when it comes time to make the decision on whether we will be recarpeting the living room or going with hardwood. You picture above pretty much sold me on your flooring! It's gorgeous.

I'll be testing out my Devine paint samples over the weekend. I bought some cheapo paper plates for squeezing the paint onto and some more sponge brushes. UPS lost one part of my samples order so the co. is rushing a replacement package my way. Should be here by Friday. So check at the end of the weekend to see photos of the samples if you have an interest.

Evie in Atlanta:) said...

Maybe I'm just too practical, or possibly naive.:) You mentioned that all of your "stuff was in storage" the past year. I'm really wondering if your "stuff" is going to fit into the new space,
and blend with the new design? Have you really downsized or had a huge yard sale?:) Thank you for letting me know the details.:)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the heart pine flooring. My daughter and son-in-law are building a "Grannie Suite" for me on thier property.

They are paying for everything so I don't want to ask for something too pricy. Is this type of flooring more expensive than traditional hardwood flooring?

Thank you for any information you can provide.

Keep up the good work!!

Laura + Matt said...

Thanks for the comments! As for the stuff in storage, the original creek house was only 800 sq. ft. before we began this project. We lived there for 2 years, so whereas all of our stuff is in storage, all of our stuff does not amount to much. We will actually be in the market for more furniture, not less:)

And regarding the price of flooring, once you take into acount the cost per square foot of finishing hardwood floors, we found the engineered flooring to be less expensive. We also got a great deal on an online auction site.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic job! Any chance you could post the source of where you got the flooring? The heart pine is the suitable replacement for many historical renovations too, so I'm sure many people would be thrilled to find a reliable source.

Laura + Matt said...

We got it off hardwoodbrokers.com from a supplier in Charlotte NC. We were very pleased with the experience:)

stacy said...

I love the pine flooring. The color gives the room a warm and inviting feeling. I like your ingenuity in laying the flooring around the sensitive tubing.