Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wishing and Dreaming

I can't wait for spring and landscaping and yard work. Maybe I'm just over winter. Or maybe I'm just over this whole ongoing, seemingly never ending transitional lifestyle we have been living for the past year. The one with all of our stuff in storage and us walking around for the last eight months in the same six outfits cause that's all we kept out of storage and hauled around in Rubbermaid bins with us from garage to tent to the neighbors house. And of course landscaping and yard work always come after building a house, so my longing for them might just be a longing for our being sort of kind of finished, my stuff being unpacked and us living back under our (new) roof. Or it could just be because I want these cool landscape lights so bad I can feel it all the way down to my toes (


Poppy said...

*wipes drool off chin*

How do you find these things?? Those are so cool!

I have a ? on those Devine paint samples...they come in pouches (dumbest thing I've ever seen) so how did you test them out? Open the pouch and stick a brush in? Squeeze the paint out onto a paper plate? Did you use the entire sample? If not, how did you save the left over or did you? They shorted me two of the colors I ordered so I have to call them tomorrow. But I'm really excited about trying them out! Pictures of my samples will be on my remodel blog

Margaret said...

Hi--you two are incredible. Must be a [crazy] genetic thing. Words of advice: go for it! do it all!
Who cares about the arthritis at 60!?! OOZing admiration!