Monday, August 07, 2006

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's back to work we go!

I love shingles! No really, I do. They are not heavy. They only require one power tool to install. I do not have to worry about cutting off appendages. I do not have to worry that I will stumble and throw myself onto a circulating blade of death. Nope, nada. It's just hours and hours of lining up pretty shingles that smell wonderful, all fresh and cedary - and the best part - I can do it all by myself. I even got to pick out and purchase my first major tool, a refurbished Senco pneumatic staple gun. I love shingles and I love eBay. You have to use your imagination a little bit, but we think it will look stunning.

And while I am happily whiling away the hours putting up siding, Matty has been finishing up the framing for the roof. Luckily he likes framing because if it were up to me, it would never get done.
A view of the inside with the new roof frame, taken from the living room looking towards the kitchen.
Our gable end additions officially tied into the main roof.

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the proud house said...

Just wanted to say we find your guys' site to be very inspiring!! We continually visit it and find comfort in knowing there are other people out there going through the same renovation fun times living in the midst of chaos. So, Keep up the amazing work - it's going to look awesome!

Sincerely from some other crazy renovators,

Todd and Ash Ramsay