Wednesday, August 30, 2006

We're Still Here

No, we didn't run back to Africa. We're still here. It's just that we haven't really done anything picture worthy in a while. As those along the coast well know, hurricane season is upon us, and hard as it is to believe, even way over here in the mountains a hurricane can wreak havoc. Tons of rain and thunder storms are keeping us off the roof, which in turn is keeping us from moving onto the next step. So, while we are getting lots of odds and ends done, there is not a single picture I could take right now that would make someone say "wow, they ARE getting a lot done!"

We did get to run up to Cape Cod for a VERY short weekend during all this rain and celebrate the 2nd birthday of Matt's goddaughter and the wedding of two very close friends. And Matt did manage to pick out an 18 foot long reclaimed heart pine beam for our porch roof. It should be pretty cool, although in all honesty, neither one of us have actually seen it. I think I'm past the point of hand selecting every little thing for the house. If it will hold the porch roof up ROCK ON! That's all I need to know. Although, we will need to figure out how to get the beam to the house - it's a little bigger than the truck.

So keep your fingers crossed - if the rain holds out for Labor Day weekend, we will hopefully have some awe inspiring photos that show "wow, they ARE getting a lot done!" Assuming we don't get washed away in the tent before then.

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Michael said...

I am all for more pictures!