Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Pics (1 of 2)

As promised, lots of new pictures! It was a big weekend with a lot of excitement, both the good kind and the not so good adrenaline pumping, why in the world are we doing this kind. We did, however, make quite a bit of progress this weekend.

1)It took four of us to unload the new beam on Friday and then four again on Sat. to lift it into place. Well worth it as we think the new beam and new porch look fabulous!!

2) We have windows!!! Or at least some windows. Matt let me (i.e. helped me) put in the kitchen windows in a very chivalrous effort to make me feel like progress was being made on the house and that we were not going to spend the rest of our lives working on the roof.

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mel said...

when is the party?