Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Pics (2 of 2)

3) We have framed in the last exterior wall, a small bump out with french doors. This bump out will have a small shed roof, and the rafters are already cut. This is the LAST section of roof, and one small enough that it can be framed, plywooded, and tarpapered in a matter of hours.

4) Speaking of roofs, we also spent half a day working on the tar paper in all of the valleys in order to ensure that there are no leaks whatsoever. While we realize that the primary waterproofness of a roof comes from the actual roofing material, we figured it couldn't hurt. And it worked. It worked really, really well. How do I know this? Because Monday night we had one of the worst thunderstorms ever. Lightning and thunder all around the tent, the creek rising like crazy right beside us, and us knowing that at any moment lightning would strike a tree near us and it would come crashing down on the tent. Made for a fun night. Below is what the creek looked like this morning when we finally emerged.

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mel said...

why didn't you use the hemlock log????