Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Behold the kitchen!

Behold the kitchen! We will install the downdraft stove tomorrow (in that big white spot where I didn't bother painting) and all of the plumbing should be connected by Sat. We plan on building our own concrete countertops, so we'll start that project in the next few weeks. Until then, we make some temporary plywood tops.

We'll also need to repair this:

We got a little too "custom" and after the drywall finisher was done, the fridge didn't fit into it's built in.

My favorite part of the kitchen!


The Litter Box House said...

Great sink! Where did you order it from? Oops, better wipe up my drool...

Poppy said...


Looks lovely! I really LOVE the ceiling as you know! All of the windows are going to be great for natural light. The flooring and cabinetry look great with the ceiling as well. The green paint is a bit bright for me, but that's why it's in your kitchen :) You've done a great job...can't wait to see the countertops! Good luck with that.

What's the first thing you want to cook in your new kitchen?

Nadja and Sean said...

ohmygosh- it's GORGEOUS! The high ceilings and wood and awesome. I'm also drooling a bit...

Bruno said...

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Little Hewlette said...

Oooh I WUV It!!!! Can't wait to come house sit for you two, and sleep under the stars!!!!!

fredtal said...

Where did you learn to do concrete counter tops?

Wabi Sabi kat said...

*sigh* Your home is sooooo lovely!
If you ever sell it, let me know!

BTW, is that the new Maytag Ice2o fridge? how do you like it?

I got one, and mine doesn't make enough ice. (Less than 2 quarts per batch) Other that that, it's great.