Monday, February 26, 2007

Racing to the finish line

Wow, what a huge weekend!! We are so close to being able to move in. Last Thursday we had the power turned on and then Friday the radiant floor system was turned on. And it is fabulous. We installed hydronic radiant heat throughout the house and within two hours of turning the system on, the house went from 46 degrees to 70 degrees. I still can't believe that we didn't have a hole in any of the piping (Jim King, if your out there reading this, you now officially owe us $100!). Once it heated up, the system barely ran all weekend because the icynene is such a fabulous insulator.

Nothing beats warm floors, they are even better than we had anticipated - I just want to lounge around on the floor all day!

So yes, of course we spent the weekend at the house.

In fact the only thing keeping us from moving in is the lack of a bathroom. So part of the weekend was spent tiling the guest bathroom so that the plumber can come this weekend and hook it up. Then, once we are in the house, we will work on the master bath, its just a little more time consuming and all we want to do right now is move back in!

We did a natural tile with these little glass mosaic inlays. I kind of wish now that we'd gone with a dark gray grout for more contrast, but once the bathroom is finished I think that I will be glad we went with the light brown grout. But at this point, as long as we can shower in here next week, I really don't care if the grout is hot pink.

Two other big things happened, we got all of the kitchen cabinets in and most of the appliances. We still need to install the downdraft stove and repair the wall that was "reconfigured" to get the fridge in place, then we can start working on the countertops. We've decided to create our own concrete countertops, so if anyone is out there that has done them and has any tips, we'd love to hear them! I'll post pics of the kitchen later this week.

The other thing that happened was we had this guy come in from Atlanta to paint the ceilings. He does astronomically correct night skies that are invisible during the day and look very planetarium like in the dark. It took him two days to paint three fairly small ceilings, and I must say without a doubt it is the coolest part of our house (besides the creek). The ceilings are stunning. I'll give you the link, but I must warn you the website is cheesy and in no way does justice to the work. But I guess it is kind of hard to take a picture of...


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Todd Fratzel

Poppy said...

Sounds like progress is coming quickly now. I can "hear" how excited you are about finally getting to move back in! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that nothing gets in the way of this coming weekend! Your ceiling treatment sounds devine!

Corine said...

Well said.