Friday, February 09, 2007

Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Well, we've got everything but the kitchen sink. A few days after we received the shipment from the Expo Design center, we got the call that our kitchen cabinets were ready. All we needed was the kitchen sink... so I ordered this:

It should arrive in a few weeks, so I'll post pictures of the actual sink. There is a lot going on in the coming weeks and we should be posting a ton of pictures. We are trying to be in the house by the beginning of March, although it will be far from done. The plan looks like this:

This weekend - finish putting up the pine ceiling

During the week - finish painting guest bedroom, hall and living room, pick up kitchen cabinets

Next weekend - finish putting down the floor, durarock the bathrooms

During the week - tile guest bathroom, plumber and electrician in to do all finish work

Final weekend - put down decking on back deck and railing. Grout and seal tile and paint in guest bath.

At that point we will still be miles away from done, but hopefully ready to move back home! Keep your fingers crossed!!

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